See below to review new Gate Access Instructions.

The Island Lakes Homeowners Association employs a security management firm to provide security 24 hours a day. SOS Security can be reached at (800) SECURE-0 or 973-402-6600. Residents have vehicle access via a bar code system. To update vehicle information and obtain additional barcode decals, please fill out the Barcode Request Form from below.

The completed form may be dropped off at the Guardshack, mailed, or faxed to TMG Management along with copies of all pertinent vehicle registrations noting the vehicle’s Island Lakes address. Please note at the initial implementation, each residence had been allocated 4 decals. There is a $5.00 charge per decal after the 4th decal has been issued.

Residents may also make changes to their guests and visitors information via the Gate Access Form. Please submit this form to TMG Management and they will ensure changes are updated and maintained.

See the Barcode Request Form below.

See the Gate Access Form below.

Complaints & Issues:

Depending on the complaint (noise, fireworks, fights, break-in, loose dog, etc.) call the Palm Beach Sheriffs Office at 561-995-2800 or US Security & Associates can be reached at 561-465-9734.

For questions and issues, the Guardshack can be reached at
561-451-8865 and the rover at 561-465-9734.



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